Action by state govt on Engineering Colleges charging excess fees .


The State Government of Tamil Nadu has warned the engineering colleges in the state that in the event complaints are received regarding collection of excessive fees, the approval for the functioning of the concerned college will be liable to be cancelled and penalties will be imposed.

The counselling sessions for admission to the engineering courses has been completed along with the subsequent admission of the candidates and the classes for these new 1st year students have just commenced.

84000 students have been admitted through the counselling sessions.

Apart from the counselling, based on the administration quota, an additional more than 50000 candidates have joined the engineering courses.

The Engineering Colleges have been collecting fees from these candidates. Several complaints have been received that many colleges have been collected excessive fees in addition to the fees fixed by the government.

On this issue, a circular has been sent to all the engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu from the Directorate of Technical Education:

‘The academic fees structure for the private engineering colleges was fixed in 2017. This was done after due consultation and consideration of the various demands/appeals from the engineering colleges. Every engineering college should collect fees in accordance with the above. The colleges which are not in the category of Minority status must collect Rs. 5000 from the students who join under the government quota and Rs. 55000 from the students joining under the administration quota.

As for the Minority colleges, they have to collect Rs. 85000 as fees for the students joining under the government quota and Rs. 87000 from the students joining under the administration quota. Further, they can collect an additional Rs. 5000 as a refundable fee as Security. They can also charge separately for transportation, food, and accommodation. It has to be noted that this fee includes the entire amount for the group insurance.

In case any of the engineering colleges feel that the fee is inadequate, they can submit an application with the related documents to the Higher Education Fees Fixing Council. However, as against this, in case complaints are received from the parents of the students that excess fee has been collected, an enquiry will be conducted on the concerned engineering college.

At the end of the enquiry, the concerned colleges will be imposed some penalty and also, the approval given for the functioning of the college will be withdrawn!


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